What is a complaint / referral and how to make ?

Claim or complaint in writing or by email, which a citizen or a legally constituted organization can address the central authorities and public institutions and local, decentralized public services of ministries and other central agencies, companies and firms, commercial companies county or local interest, as well as independent public companies, referred to as public authorities and institutions ", according to art. 2 din OG nr. 2 of Ordinance no. 27/2002 privind reglementarea activitatii de solutionare a petitiilor. 27/2002 on the regulation of solving petitions.

WebSiteHow to file a complaint with ADCR ?

  • Complaints and complaints may be filed only ADCR addressed by individual consumers.
  • Divergence operators do not fall within the competence of the Association of consumer rights in Romania
  • Or the anonymous complaints are not passed no information identifying the applicant shall be considered
  • Please call the Consumer Rights Association of Romania only after you try to solve the problem amicably with the economic operator to sell products or provide services
  • If there have not reached a settlement with the seller or the manager of the establishment, then you are entitled to file a complaint with the Consumer Rights Association Romania
  • According to legal complaints and complaints are made in writing or in electronic format and are transmitted through classical or electronic mail or lodged personally.
  • Complaint / referral to resolve your legal obligation, provided that it be accompanied by all evidence, that tax bill, tax receipt or bill, contract, warranty certificate and other documents, as appropriate.
  • In situ take you are not satisfied on how your complaint was resolved by the Association of consumer rights in Romania where it was filed or answered over the period stipulated by law, you can approach and in writing to the County Commissioner for consumer protection or the Regional Commissioner for Consumer Protection under which is the County Commissioner for Consumer Protection.
  • Claim or complaint is made in a private capacity.

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  • Useful Tips !!! :

  • Do not buy from places that will inspire confidence!
  • Do not buy products whose quality are not sure!
  • Ask questions! You are entitled to be complete, correct and accurate to the essential characteristics of products and services
  • Ask for and keep the tax receipt
  • Durable goods ask for instructions and warranty certificate, in Romanian language, even if they are imported products
  • Check if the sales price and price per unit of measurement is expressed in RON and if indicated in a clear, legible and easily identifiable
  • Check if the measures used by merchants are easy to read and is in the consumer
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