WebSite What is a consumer association?

The purpose of Government Ordinance no. 21/1992 on consumer protection, republished, consumer associations are considered NGOs as legal entities under the law, and that, without seeking to achieve profits for their members, have the sole purpose of defending rights and legitimate interests of their members or consumers in general.

The status ADCR main objectives of the association are:

  • Working with professional organizations and governmental and non-governmental institute, with responsibilities for consumer protection, to meet consumers' interests.
  • Improving the legal framework of general consumer protection by requesting the authorities, through participation in developing standards or specifications that define consumer goods and services.
  • Education, counseling and consumer information through its own actions, publications, market surveys and other mass media.

  • Defense, promotion and representation in all legal means of consumer rights and interests in relations with economic agents and state institutions.

  • WebSiteWhat rights have consumer associations?

  • To be logistically supported by local and central public administration bodies, in order to achieve their objectives;
  • To require the competent authorities take measures to stop production or withdrawal of products or services that do not provide the documents set calitatativ prescribed by law or to endanger life, health or safety of consumers;
  • To require operators making products and services in special conditions to meet the needs of consumers with disabilities or elderly;
  • To be consulted during the elaboration of normative documents, standards or specifications that define the technical characteristics and quality of products and services for consumers;
  • To request and obtain information on price and quality characteristics of products or services likely to help consumers in their decision on their purchase;
  • To initiate its own actions to identify where operators do not respect consumer rights provided by law, and cases of non-compliance of the products or services, and to refer, in an emergency procedure
  • To inform public opinion through the media, the deficiencies of quality products and services, and the consequences of their HARMFUL consumers;
  • To legal proceedings for defending rights and legitimate interests of consumers.

    WebSiteWhat have the right representatives of consumer associations?

    comply with Article 33 of Law 296 / 2004, the code consumer, Consumer NGOs representatives may inspect NOT traders.

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