Romania Consumer Rights Association was founded in 2008, is preoccupied with improving the social climate, economic and environment where the consumer lives.

  • Data Association ADCR ARE:

  • Tax Certificate: 25219139 CIF

  • NO. Register: 14/PJ/26.09.2008

  • ACCOUNT NO: RO40CECEB60743RON2194514

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  • ADCR follows education, counseling and consumer information through its own actions, publications, market surveys and other mass media, analyzing and solving referral made by consumers through the association's own forces or by the authorized bodies of the state.
  • To require the competent authorities take measures to stop production or withdrawal of products or services that do not provide the documents set calitatativ prescribed by law or to endanger life, health or safety of consumers;

  • To require operators making products and services in special conditions to meet the needs of consumers with disabilities or elderly;

  • To request and obtain information on price and quality characteristics of products or services likely to help consumers in their decision on their purchase;

  • To inform public opinion through the media, the deficiencies of quality products and services, and the consequences of their HARMFUL consumers;

    WebSiteRegistration as a member of the Association ADCR Assume:

  • Anyone can apply ROMANIAN Citizenship, aged 18 and over

  • TO FILL IN AN APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION association and a statement of the Law 296/2004 Article 32 and 33 and Loire ADVISED OF THIS LAW


  • Fees and annual subscriptions

  • FOR MORE INFORMATION Send an e-mail or telephone number: 0724.35.24.95 or Fax: 0314 32 94 38

    WebSiteMembers of our association on the basis of a written undertaking, given their knowledge that in the event of committing acts of nature or criminal offense, will respond in front of qualified state that people who spares no association and dissociate us.

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