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Fighting Association Anti-Drugs A.M.A was established in 2009, is a nongovernmental organization obtaining certificate of registration of legal person in District Court with 6 to 88 of 21.08.2009 CIF 25,973,832 and the tax certificate account at CEC Bank SA Agency Peace RO10CECEB60743RON2315237


  • Association goal is the deployment of programs and projects in the field of prevention and drug trafficking in the area of treatment, recovery and social reintegration of drug addiction, alcohol, tobacco, and other dependents, in the prevention of HIV / AIDS, trafficking human beings, terrorism, organized crime, corruption and human rights and international cooperation, interest and / or community, country or abroad, on its own or in partnership with individuals or foundations, to complete the program drugs, terrorism, human trafficking, organized crime and anti-corruption by the latter.

  • Association may constituii its subsidiaries, shopping, etc.., The structures in the countryside or abroad and will comply with statutory Asociatiei.Sprijinirea of state institutions in the programs and proictelor stipulated in the national strategy against drugs, terrorism, human trafficking, corruption, Antisida, teetotaler, omului.Finantarea Antitutun and protection of certain actions, programs and projects are carried out through its own forces or in cooperation with individuals and legal or straine.Colectarea necessary funds to finance operations, proictelor and programs, by conducting activities such as: the organization of performances, drawings, publications specific actions consultancy, information, advertising and the like, according legii.Finantrea organizing special training courses for those who active in the fight against drugs, antisida, terrorism and organized crime, fighting against corruption and human rights in order to ensure staff the centers of prevention, assessment and drug counseling or other expert bodies, public or private.Infiinteaza supports the establishment and functioning of private settlements specialized advice, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and resocialization of drug addiction, alcohol, tobacco or other dependente.Stabilirea of contacts and cooperation relations with institutions, organizations, associations or foundations in the country or abroad, which could support the work of the Association.

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